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Airlink Wireless Hacking

This site is decated to taking the cheap in-house brand for Fry's Electronics and Outpost.com and hack it to
make it a better wirelss product. Hopefully by hacking either software (eg. firmware or drivers) or
hardware that these products can be as good as name brands wireless products.

With the release of the AR525W, Airlink101 has done what we wanted and release the GPL source for
the AR525W Mimo Wireless Router. The Source file is an tar file, so happy hunting trying to figure this out.
Wish I could help out, but I do not have the knowledge to fulfill this task. Thanks to anyone who can help.
Here is the link to the source code (57mb)

Airlink101 Official Website

Other wireless products to work with AR525W:
Wireless MIMO XR 802.11g
AWLL5025 - USB Adapter
AWLC5025 - Cardbus Adapter
AWLH5025 - PCI Adapter
Wireless High-Gain Antenna
ASB-8DA - +8dBi Directional Antenna
ASB-7MA - +7dBi Omni-Directional Antenna
ASB-8SMA - +8dBi Omni-Directional Antenna
Wireless MIMO XR 802.11g

Detailed Info:
AR525W - MIMO XR Wireless Router

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